Quality Policy

Our company has been established as a renowned name in the drinking water filters and water purifier filters over a short period of time.? We are now considered to be a reliable name in water filter manufactures in India, catering to wide variety o customers from leading corporate houses, industries, government organizations and educational institutes in India and abroad.? Our operations are governed by a very strict quality policy which is followed by our every employee.

At bionics we firmly believe that our quality is defined by our customers.? We measure our quality by the satisfaction level of our customer and how we contribute to the success and quality expectations of our customer.? We believe that our customer?s satisfaction and success is the key to our sustenance, growth and creation of brand equity in the market for long term success.

?At bionics all our policies are defined by following principles of our management.

??? * For long term success we have to build a mutually benefiting ad profitable relations? with our client.
??? * To ensure that, in every dealing we fulfill our quality ad efficiency commitments.
??? * To accept inputs from all quarters available and incorporate them in our R&D program to ensure latest technology in our products combined with preventive and reliable risk management for our customers.
??? * We strongly adhere to the principle of providing the best quality first and everything else to proceed both in terms of the product and services