Liana Heathcare OZONIZER

 How does Our  Liana Healthcare Ozonizer , Ozone Food Sterilizer work?

The air pump forces the raw air (oxygen from the air) through a"Silent Discharging Type" ozone tube made from dielectric substances with both anode and cathode polarity. When the high pressure direct current (DC) passes through, a corona discharge phenomenon with the ground electrode is produced, decomposing 3 oxygen atoms to 2 ozone atoms (3O2 to 2O3) and produce stable ozone (O3).

Ozone (O3) is also know as "active oxygen". Its molecules consists of 3 oxygen atoms, which will then convert back to oxygen within the period of about 25 minutes. It has a grass like smell, where you could experience in the forest, near waterfall or fountain.

The ozone from the discharging tube will then travel pass through the silicon tube and output from the bubble stone. Immerse the stone into the water to treat foods, such as vegetable, fruits, meats and more. The ozone air bubble come out from the stone will dissolve into the water and react will any chemicals, hormones and toxins present on these foods to neutralize it. Ozone will be able to breakdown a single cell organism like bacteria, fungus, molds and viruses.


(1) It\'s used for washing hand to kill virus, bacteria and reduce decease


(2) It can eliminate the harmful substance such as remained pesticide on rice


(3) Degrade the remained Agrochemical on vegetable


(4) To soak all kinds of animal meat can reduce hormone and the growth hormone.


(5) To clean dishware with the ozone water can kill virus, bacteria, prevent decease (the killing effect is far better than high temperature virus killing)


(6) To use it for cleaning and brushing teeth, removing the bad smell of mouth, and assist to cure pharyngitis, Stomatitis, Gingivitis, pericoronitis, canker sore and so on


(7) To soak your face with it can remove the filth and the cosmetic remaining to prevent virus growing and improve the skin repiration and expedite metabolism, smooth skin, and at the same time have good effect on killing facial mite


(8) Clean feet, kill virus and prevent from virus growing, assist to cure all kinds of skin decease, remove the sweaty smell and body smell


(9) Use the water to wash hair or take shower can prevent skin decease effectively, especially for lady; it can kill all kinds of virus and bacteria


(10) Use for cleaning baby clothes and urine cloth and bed clothing, nipple, dishware and toy to kill the virus and bacteria


(11) Use for cleaning teeth brush, towel, basin and so on to kill virus and prevent decease


(12) Use for washing clothes can save detergent and kill virus, prevent cross infection and reduce decease