Our Imported Spares

We are Importing  A World Class No.1 Imported Quality Ro Domestic & Industrial Spares.

Our Imported Spares: We have 4 stages to 14 stages Process (normally we give 6 Stages performances)

Apart From Cabinet and SMPS Adaptor,

Our all Spare Parts are Imported from various countries.

Membranes & Pumps – U.S.A, Taiwan, Korea & China

Filters & Fittings– U.K, Thailand & Taiwan

Housings – Spain (Hidro Air), China & Taiwan( treble O ring, double O ring, Single O ring available)

Accessories like Valves, Wires, Antisclant, Flow Register etc., – UK, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, china

Water Purifier :

We have 5 stage to 7 stage Filtration products from 8 Ltr to 18 Ltr